Thank you very much for opening this page. I would very much like to hear from you what is for you. What do you think of this website? Did this website help you at all? How did myfilipinokitchen influence your perception of what Filipino Food is? I would greatly appreciate if you answer those questions by starting with:

myfilipinokitchen is…




  1. My Filipino Kitchen is a friend to me. It’s nice to find fellow pinoy foodies out there, exploring different ways to keep the tummy full and the palate entertained.

  2. myfilipino kitchen is where you can find genuine truth of what Filipino Food is all about, written with wit and such contagious enthusiasm, I can’t get enough of it. =)

  3. myfilipinokitchen rocks! focused on the filipino passion for food, it is brimming with information and articles are written in mr. kitchenero’s zany humor.

  4. 10/09/2010

    Hi Sig,

    Before anything else Happy Anniversary to myfilipinokitchen, I’m the head chef of turo-turo Philippine Cafe New Zealand. Thank you, for posting your procedure in how to cook the Lapaz Batchoy in our FB. It really help me a lot to improved the taste of our Lapaz Batchoy and all our Filipino customers love it.Thank you and more power.


  5. Myfilipinokitchen is one of the best food blog i have ever read. i love how the way Mr. Kitchenero mixes his comical side on each entry. Hoping for more great recipes.

  6. I love “myfilipinokitchen”!! Passing on the Filipino food passion on to my children and friends who love Filipino food here in Texas!!

  7. Myfilipinokitchen is like a school subject rolled into one.. It teaches history of a certain dish that most of us are not aware of.. It says the exact procedure so you can get right concoction the way they teach in science lab. And the way he presented the dish was like ones you do in art class.. The site is very informative diligently created and I like the way the author talk with his followers.. I congratulate thee for your 1st anniversary and keep spreading the goodness of Filipino food throughout the world! God bless and more power to you! Cheers! ☺

  8. Before anything else I’d like to greet filipinokitchen a Happy First Anniversary..It’s nice to know that this site will make you feel hungry of their Filipino food secret that is revealed to the world ,see it to believe!Congratulations and God bless you more.

  9. Myfilipinokitchen is passing on filipino dishes to those not aware of filipino cooking. It’s like a subject and you teach us the procedure of cooking the dish,tell the history that comes with it, and get a fresh, homecooked, filipino dish all rolled into one.
    I love my filipino kitchen because it teaches all kinds of people-filipino or not- the wonders of filipino food. In each blog, you teach us of many kinds of delicious dishes such as Lapaz Batchoy. Also, you write the blogs and add a pinch of wit and humour.

  10. I visit My Filipino Kitchen often because I always learn something new about Filipino cuisine and history. The recipes are also great and I always draw inspiration from them. Siegfried not only provides facts and trivia, he also writes in a very entertaining manner that keeps you reading and waiting for more. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MY FILIPINO KITCHEN!

  11. My Filipino Kitchen is a friend to me,and to all those Pinoys who love to eat and cook alike. It makes me appreciate more our culture (esp. our local food,yummm..)and as a newbie to cooking, its been a great help to me in looking for easy to cook yet wonderful recipes.And by the way, the humor injected every now and then gives that extra spice while reading it.

    Great idea Seig,two thumbs up. Pat on the back and hats down to you for reaching your “Major Major” 1st yr anniversary at MyFilipinoKitchen.’Will be looking forward to reading and learning more food ideas from you soon! Cheers Cheers Cheers!! :)

  12. is a welcome find on a rainy day.

  13. My go to website for Filipino food porn, haha! Did I mention recipes that work? You rock Mr. Kitchenero! Keep up the good work.

  14. can i post my own recipes here? 😀 coz i cant find any sites to post my filipino recipes. haha i wish there’s a create a blog – around here so that filipino people can share what they cook or something. :) thanks!

  15. seeing the recipes and reading the descriptions takes me back to the first time i ate adobo and how it became one of my lifelong favorite dishes and makes me proud to be filipino and all that comes along with it

  16. Missing the writer, author and administrator of this website! Come back! Write more!

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