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My New Year’s Realization

3 January 2013 5 Comments

Yup. It’s not a resolution. It’s a realization.

Last year when I was in a writing hiatus (I still am by the way) I acquired a very kingly gift – Gout. Now for those of you who don’t know what gout is, click this underlined part of the sentence and once you are there it will tell you that it is very much complimentary to what I do (or did, and am going to considering I was absent for the last 2 years) as a food blogger. But if you click this underlined part of the sentence here, you will realize that I really did a good number on myself. Read that link first before you proceed to reading my next line which is –

I hate gout.

For those of you who have had gout at least once in their life, you know what I’ve been through and I feel for you. For those who haven’t had it, gout gives you such a professional pain that is very consistent no matter what kind of position you do in bed at 3 in the morning. I had 2 attacks since and it has won both times.

You still don’t know what gout is? Good luck, I won’t tell you.

What I will tell you though is that there are findings that gout is very common to Filipinos. Yes. Filipinos and Gout are best of friends. Why? Let me explain this and for you who still don’t know what gout is, I might answer your question. Are you ready? Now this is how I understand what gout is:

Gout is hmmmm…. wait. Certain foods are rich in purine. For example, innards or in our beloved Filipino language – barbecue – such as hearts, livers, intestines, gizzards are some of the foods that are rich in purine. Once they land in your stomach, your body produces Uric Acid to digest these foods that are rich in purine. But if you eat a lot of these stuffs that are rich in purine, your body produces a lot of Uric Acid and once they hit the level of “you just ate too much dude”, they go to your joints, crystallize there and once you move, bingo. Your joints tell your brain that it is very painful and your brain tells your whole body that it is that most painful thing that it has experienced all its life.

Now back to the realization….


Ginisang Monggo






How bad is the Filipino diet?

*insert horror music here*

Gout by James Gillray


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  • Jiddu said:

    Hey! it is good to see you are back, and I’m really sorry about your Gout problems, I´ve been checking your blog with the hopes of finding you again and lucky me, here you are – -WELCOME – – -

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hahaha I am always around. it’s just that I had this lumpia curse from a while back that stopped me from writing. but that’s no excuse, Ill be writing back regularly really soon.


  • Queenie Makulit said:

    Hello, I’m a lola-old in years but young at heart and Peter Pan is my patron saint so I’ll never grow up. HOWEVER………I was diagnosed with gout (unusual for a woman) about 32 years ago. I have never taken prescription western medicine for it. Rather a couple tablespoons of honey and the same amount of real cider vinegar (like Braggs brand) in a cup of hot water before bed has ALWAYS resolved my discomfort. Usually by the next morning. Once or twice it took 2 days. Also, over the years I’ve learned what triggers an attack with me; red meat! If I eat a lot of meat, I’m invariably gonna have to pay for it with a painful attack of gout. Shellfish or legumes do not seem to be a problem for me. Just meat. So I tend to eat very little carne but when I do, I eat what I really want and as much as I want so as to not deprive myself. Then I’m satisfied and don’t need a steady diet of the stuff.

    Food for thought. Try my remedy. It might work for you. Allopurinol is the drug of choice and it’s not a nice concoction at all. I’d rather try something more natural. Here in Quezon province we have been experimenting making cocao vinegar from our chocolate production byproducts. Next time, I will try this instead of the cider vinegar to see if it works.


  • KT said:

    Hi there,
    I wish you can blog more! :)I hope your gout is okay now. Take care!


  • Glenn said:

    Man, I hate gout! I had to change my diet drastically because of it. By the way, your blog is truly a gem. Siegfredtristan for president!!!

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