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Filipino Food Blogs from the Philippines

If you have one, leave a comment in this page and I’ll include you in the links.


Good Food


Satisfying Juan’s Appetite

The Happy Traveler

My Sassy Chef

Let’s Eat Some Good Food

My Twisted Recipes

Pinoy Tsibog

FoodPron Junkies

Life and Leisure

Tasty Bacolod

Domestic Urbanite


Flavours of Iloilo

Matakaw Ako

The Philippines and Beyond

Everyday Sweet Notes

Food Trip in the Philippines

Mga Luto ni Dennis

Chef by Day

Food Notebook

Food Trip Tayo

Kao’s KitchenCow

Happy Foodies

Kain Pinoy

Food Trippings



Foodblog dot PH

Phoebe Ann

Pinoy Food Critic

Davao Food Trip

The Peach Kitchen



Sense and Serendipity

Energy Chef


  • Tuesday said:

    Great list! We’re blogging from the UK though :-)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    I am still fixing the links (after 4 weeks) and segregating by area. i don’t know if i’ll do a link from UK only or all of Europe. working on it :) know any Filipino bloggers in your neck of woods?

  • WP Themes said:

    Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

  • Filipina Love said:

    I´m loving filipno food.

  • leinar14 said:

    Very nice topics, very useful information, thanks for the postings….-

  • Cherrie said:

    Love your blog. There are also a few Filipino bloggers from Australia :)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Thanks guys, please do share the website :)

  • Ristorante said:

    Hello! Try this one: http://ristoranteaficionados.blogspot.com/

    It’s still under construction but it’s on its way :)

  • yen said:

    Hi there!

    I just bumped into your site today. Great. I bookmarked it already. I’m not really a food blogger but I’m a certified foodie and I recently launched this site: http://www.eatshootpost.com. It’s a social food blog where foodies from different parts of the Philippines can submit their food adventures and at the same time, promote their city/province.

    Can I also include you in my blogroll?


  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    surething yen. congratulations to your recent launch. this website is a year old and it’s doing my head in.

    your food is yumyum. you are also welcome to write an article here if you want to :) maybe something about sharing Filipino dishes :)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    and oh! please tell me if I placed your link under the wrong category. cheers!

  • Jacob Johnson said:

    i like reading food blogs because i am always seeking for new recipes.,::

  • chef_d said:

    Thanks for including my blog on this list!

  • Jose Perez said:

    i always bookmark food blogs becuase i want to look at new recipes.

  • Day Salonga said:

    Ei there ! thank you for including my blogsite in your list. Your site inspired me start my own blog site. Continue to be an advocate of Pinoy food !!! Mabuhay ang Pinoy !!

  • Philippine Tom said:

    I spend quite a bit of time in Cebu now, and attract alot of curiosity about my diet when I’m there, especially from the children!!!. My usual routine is raw fruit and veggies during the week, then I reward myself with something more tasty on the weekeneds, but still avoid eating any meat or other animal products or cholesterol from them, except for the rare occasion I use a salad dressing or eat a Mexican meal that has some light cheese in it, or a light yogurt, etc.

    Those who know me just leave me alone now and they have quit trying to change my diet. The fact is that I’m 55 and have been eating this way for a couple of years, and I have more energy today than I’ve had for a long time.

    I love the Philippines and the gentle people there with their admirable qualities, especially the elderly and the children. I only wish they took better care of themselves. For an Asian country, they consume a huge amount of animal products.

  • Jy said:


    We just created a food blog, entitled Food Trip in the Philippines. So far, there are few food places that we blogged there. It’s just a blog where we post photos of the resto, and some of their menu, and few comments. We’re not really an expert about food or know how to cook, we just love to try different food stores so we decided to put up this blog and post photos and comments about a certain food place to share.

    URL: busogako.blogspot.com

    Thank you so much

  • skip to malou said:

    hello, i’m blogging from SD! I haven’t see you in awhile!

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    malou! i am so busy! we are currently doing spring cleaning in the house (it’s summer in australia btw). we’re one season late. just been from sydney from vacation. kwisht! where’s SD?

  • Tangled Noodle said:

    I seriously need to catch up on your posts! Just to let you know, I’ve recently relocated to Manila – so I guess that makes me a Filipino food blog, now. 😎 I really appreciate this list as I hope to participate in the foodie/food blogger community here. This is a great resource for finding them!

  • The Philippines and Beyond said:

    Please link me up. Thanks! :)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    it’s up there now. :)

  • eunice said:

    hi!i just started blogging this year. there aren’t too many posts yet but I’ll be updating it once in a while:) feel free to check it out

  • Alice Kalaw said:

    Hi! I was a former bank executive who loves to cook. I’ve been cooking since I was young. I learned it from my Mom and from culinary schools, too. I have experience in food catering. Recently, I started formal food-blogging and have been getting quite a number of followings. I write simple recipes of food you can serve even on special occasions. And, I help readers plan their menu every week by providing a complete list everytime. I was also working Mom then and I know how hard it is to think of what to cook for the family for the entire week. Best thing to do is to have a menu plan. I just want to tell everyone who does not cook yet that cooking is an art and not something hard to do. To those who already love to cook, I hope you find it as an expression of your creativity, just like the way I do. Everyday, I post recipes, tips, food reviews and many more. Come, visit my blog!

  • Alice Kalaw said:

    Hi! I was a former bank executive who loves to cook. I’ve been cooking since I was young. I learned it from my Mom, the culinary schools and in Rome, Italy, where I lived for a year. I also had experience in food-catering. Recently, I started formal food-blogging and have been getting good feedbacks and quite a number of followings. I write simple recipes of food you can serve even on special occasions. And, I help homemakers (Moms and even single people) plan their weekly menu by providing a complete list once a week. I was also a working Mom then and I know how hard it is to think of what to cook for the family for the entire week. The best thing to do is to have a menu plan. This way, there would be less stress, less worries. I also like to tell those who do not cook yet that cooking is an art and is something nice to do. To those who are already cooking, I hope you find it an expression of creativity, just like the way I do. Everyday I post recipes, tips, food reviews,and many more. Come, visit my blog!

  • Lannie said:

    Hi there. Hope my blog gets listed here too. I’m a Filipina blogging from my Dutch kitchen!

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hi Lanie, I already updated you link in my blog but since you are in Europe, I’ve added you in this link:


  • patrick said:

    hi, we are group of amateur cooks blogging about our culinary explorations. please link our blog at http://www.explocook.blogspot.com


  • Clarissa said:

    Hi! I’ve been blogging for over a year already. My site is Domestic Urbanite at http://clarissa623.wordpress.com/

    Thank you!

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hi Patrick and Clarissa, your links are already up! :)

  • Adele said:

    Hi there! Hope you can add my blog that I just recently launched. It’s http://pinaydownsouth.wordpress.com. Although it basically deals with food and lifestyle recommendations, I am also writing about certain filipino comfort foods and some of my street food adventures with my friends.


  • marc said:

    Hi, it’d be awesome if you could add our food blog as well! It’s at http://foodpornjunkies.com. Thanks! :)

  • michelle said:

    Hi…. I’ll greatly appreciate if you could add my blog Pinoy Tsibog…. thanks in advance =D

  • Dudut Santiago said:


    this is my first visit to your blog and i had fun reading it.

    hope you can include my blogsite (http://mytwistedrecipes.blogspot.com/) in your list. i’m a food blogger from PH.

    god bless you always. i’m already a fan!

    thanks :)


  • outloud8910 said:

    Hi hope you can add my blog in your list. It is about food and owned by me, a Filipino residing in the Phils.


    thank you very much

  • Pearl said:


    I hope you can include my blog My Sassy Chef (http://mysassychef.blogspot.com) in your blogroll. I’m from Manila by the way :)



  • eunice said:

    Hi! I hope you can include my foodblog in your list http://allaboutfood25.tumblr.com/ thank you!

  • Divina said:

    Thanks for the add. :) I haven’t been blogging lately so no updates on my blog yet. Thanks also for writing a comment before.

  • The Happy Traveler said:

    Can you include my blog http://thehapitraveler.blogspot.com? This is about traveling and food so I hope you will consider my website. Thanks so much

  • Denise said:


    Just stumbled upon your blog today. So much useful information that can be found here. Will start to regularly visit this site.

    Anyway, I just recently launched my own food blog, though I can’t say I’m an expert, I would like to share my honest comments on the food, ambiance, service, cost, location and down to how clean their bathroom is.

    Hope I can still be included in your list. :)


    Thank you and more power! :)

  • Kunie said:

    new food blog! =)

  • Miss `C said:

    Here’s mine! http://gastronomicca.blogspot.com/

    Thanks in advance!

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hi Adele! I added you up there. And yes, it is your new address too life and leisure yes? :)

    @Marc added you up guys. love the green theme of the site. and you guys are awesome. aside from the fact that you are good looking. or should I say that you guys are good looking again? :)

    @michelle Pinoy Tisbog up on the list! :)

    @Dudut You are doing oh-so-fine! The girls of KCC are just awesome! Love your blog!

    @Outloud8910 All done mate!

    @Pearl All done. Enjoyed the banoffee post and the malunggay powder thingy. it gives powers like batman!

    @thehappytraveler. added you up. i got mesmerized on those fishes in your site. how can I catch them?

    @Denise all done. love love love the name of the blog. Why haven’t I thought about that myself??? And that ice cream filled barquillos is just pure genius. Why haven’t i though of that one as well??? LOL!

    @Miss C added and done! love your choice of books. that tomorrow we may diet tagline is perfect. Awesome!

  • reynaldo de leon said:

    Great! What about Philippine Lechon, no celebration is complete without this delicacy. You’ll find lechon in the middle of the main table to any celebrations in the Philippines, birthdays, weddings, fiestas, etc. http://www.storehauz.com – the home for homegrown lechon!

  • Irian Filip del Mundo said:


    from letseatsomegoodfood.blogspot.com pls change my link to http://www.goodfoodblogph.com/ on your blog list, anchor text – Good Food. ty!

  • Anthony said:

    great list! we filipinos should learn to appreciate the goodness of filipino food.. :) will definitely have a good time looking through the blogs listed and get ideas. :)

  • Denise said:

    Thank you so much, Sir! :) More power and God bless :)

    By the way, also included myfilipinokitchen on my blog’s links. :)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    @Irian all done mate! Link is up and running. Just some constructive crit though, your site is loading too slow. I would love to browse around more but because there is a lot of things for the site to load, it loads reaaaaaly slow. Maybe take a few bits of here and there so browsing is seamless for your readers. Content is king :) specially in your case that you blog to earn (correct me if I’m wrong). But nevertheless, keep on blogging about Filipino food! the internet needs more of us.

    @Anthony it is indeed a great list. I am hoarding Filipino Food links! hahaha! I don’t even know if they are linking back to me but hey, as long as it’s a Filipino blog, it’s here. :) Enjoy surfing on grease!

    @Denise Thanks Denise! Happy blogging!

  • Good Food said:

    I just read your comment. Let me check on that. I have been minimizing the weight of my photos. let me check what else to cut off.

    I do not know if my last comment has been posted, pls change my url in blog roll without www – http://goodfoodblogph.com


  • Dudut Santiago said:

    thanks for adding my link :)

    god bless you!

  • MJ Acosta said:


    I love this blogroll that you started! Makes it easier to find all sorts of restos here in the metro!

    Pat on the back to you!

    I also just recently launched a food photoblog. I hope you find it worthy enough to get on the list :) It would be such an honor!

    Here’s the website:


  • kenneth de guzman said:


    i am also a certified foodie. Love your page by the way.
    more power

  • Joy Felizardo said:

    Great job on this! Hope you could add mine as well…www.gastronomybyjoy.com
    Love your posts!

  • Travels and Sojourns said:

    Hello! Would you kindly add my blog, Travels and Sojourns: Odysseys with Food, through Places and Pretty Much Anything Under the Sun at http://www.travelsandsojourns.wordpress.com?


  • Gio said:

    Hi! I’m looking for new blog friends (haha) so I’d like to add my blog to this directory.
    My blog’s called THE HUNGRY GIANT http://thehungrygiant.wordpress.com It’s a blog about the love for food and how an amateur cook tries to capture his love through words and pictures.

  • Faust said:

    can i join in here? ^_^

  • Meki said:

    Can I join? :)

  • Lala said:

    This is a great way for Pinoy food lovers and food bloggers to converge and share culinary ideas. My blog, foodiemomster.com, is all about easy to cook meals that kids would love, a few tidbits on nutrition and our experiences in dining out. Hope we can swap stories and learn from each others blogs =)

  • Cyndel said:

    check my blog, http://mangoesbananas.blogspot.com
    i’m a Filipino chef who’s also interested on photography, make up, fashion, entrepreneurship, art.

  • Chloe Delos Santos said:

    By the way, here’s the link to my blog… http://foodbabble.blogspot.com
    I have yet to have my own domain name. But I will have one soon! 😉
    Thanks again!

  • Divina Joy Ayungo said:

    Hi I’m a Filipino who loves food. i just launched my blog. Please include it in the list. It is a foodie blog. http://www.icookformybrother.com/

    maraming salamat. Have a nice day!

  • Michael Soriano said:

    As someone who loves food and reading articles this is one cool site. Thanks for the posts!

  • Joie Mendoza said:

    Hi! I hope you can include my blog on your list.

    check out my blog at http://www.foodbites22.blogspot.com

    Thanks in advance!

  • St. Alia of the Knife said:

    Has Dr. Alexis Diamente seen your blog?

  • WIN said:

    Fantastic list!! Hope you can link me up..

    Blogging from Toronto..Cheers!!

  • Aina said:

    Hi! hope you can include me in your blog! thanks!!

  • dyss said:

    great list of blogs. :) try yeo’s juice drink :) so much yummy! <3

  • Jeremy said:


    Blogging from the middle of Makati.


  • cyferredrose said:

    Hello =)

    I post about making things from scratch. I went through a bento/baon phase, a cheese making phase, and now a cofee & espresso phase.

    I hope you find something of interest here =) and keep up the good work!

  • thehapitraveler said:

    Hi There,
    Thanks so much for adding my website thehapitraveler.blogspot.com on your list. I am really glad you did this because it can help others to easily search for filipino food lovers and bloggers. Keep it up! And regarding the fish, just saw your message and I am sorry I removed it from my blog. But since you mentioned it, i will put it there again. = )

  • foodmarks said:

    Hi! We’ve been planning to have our own food blog for a long time. Finally, we did recently. It is an interactive food blog. Visit us at foodmarks.wordpress.com


  • Karen Lopez said:

    Hi, pls include me:

    Thanks and more power to u! :)

  • Meeka & Lexy Project said:

    Hi! :) We are the “Meeka & Lexy Project” and we’re sorta newbies in this food blog thing. We’re not professionals and we do this for fun, but we believe that we can also help those foodies out there with our fun and honest blog entries. :)

    It would be an honor if you include our food blog sites here. Thank you so much! :) God bless your site!

    WordPress: http://meekalexyproject.wordpress.com
    Tumblr: http://meekalexyproject.tumblr.com

  • lanaya said:

    I’m a food blogger from Quezon City! 50% Filipino, 50% American

  • Ma. Antonette Escara said:

    Good day Sir/Madam!

    The senior Tourism Management students of Block – C from St. Paul University, Quezon City are writing to you for the purpose of seeking assistance in conducting a convention entitled “Is it really more fun in the Philippines?” This convention is in line with our academic requirement for the subject on Meetings, Incentive Travel, Convention and Exhibitions or simply dubbed as MICE. The event will be held on the 5th of October 2012, from 1:00 to 5:00 at the JBR theater of St. Paul University Quezon City. Tickets are priced at P350 and include food and souvenirs.

    The convention’s main concern is to answer affirmatively the abovementioned query by showcasing the distinct characteristics of the Philippines in terms of festivals, native cuisines, attractions, and as a convention venue. Prominent individuals from the tourism industry shall be invited and it is also expected to be attended by other stakeholders from the travel sector and students from other universities. All in all, around 500 people are expected to be part of the audience. Thus, this convention shall serve as a good opportunity for you to hear and witness the wonderful speeches of prominent individuals from the tourism industry and it would be a good addition to your website or online blog. We would also really appreciate it if you will be able to help us spread the word about the said event.

    Thank you very much and more power to you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ma. Antonette Escara
    Event Manager

  • Alice Yong said:

    Hi there

    I’m a writer for Travel 3 Sixty, Air Asia (low cost carrier)’s inflight magazine.

    Can you help me out with some details about what are some of the classic dishes that Filipinos have for Christmas?

    I’d like to have some photos of these dishes too if possible to be featured in the magazine. Credit mention will be given to you in return.


  • J. Anne said:

    Hi there. Great long list you’ve got here. Hope you could add my food blog: http://lazyblackcat.wordpress.com. Twitter: @LazyBlack_Cat. Thanks so much and happy eating!

  • michymichymoo said:

    Please add my food blog: http://www.dekaphobe.com/

    It has a weird name, but it’s a food blog, I swear! :)

  • Aybee said:

    Hi there! I’m Aybee, a Filipina mom blogger. I started a food blog because I miss a lot of Filipino foods from home. I’m based now in Europe and I can’t get enough of our masarap pinoy food ;)It is just different if all the ingredients are fresh ones just like back at home. D2 kc mostly in can nalang.

  • Kiezia said:

    Thanks for posting those blog sites, it really helps me.:)

  • Roselle said:

    Hi, I would appreciate if you could include our blog: http://mrtravelandliving.weebly.com/

  • Jason said:

    We would love to be part of your list! :)


  • Nona Lema said:


    My name is Nona Lema, author of a Filipino vegetarian recipe ebook series entitled GULAY. Pls visit my blog http://nonas-cooking.blogspot.com

    Thank you for including me in your list.

    Happy veggie cooking!

  • Nona Lema said:


    Thank you for including me in your list.

    Happy veggie cooking!

  • Camille said:

    I’d love to be listed! I’m not in the Philippines, though. Blogging from the states! :)


  • Enz said:

    Good day!

    I would greatly appreciate to be included in the list. I have a Filiino food blog entitled “Pinoy Kusinero”.
    Here is the link: http://www.pinoykusinero.com/

    Thank you so much!


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