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How to make Chicken Macaroni, A Filipino salad recipe

29 March 2011 43 Comments



Click here to read about Filipino Dessert Salads before you dive in this recipe


The best thing about this recipe is mixing the mayonnaise, condensed milk and macaroni. When your giant spatula or wooden spoon tosses  those three ingredients, the sound it makes is as dreamy as a Frank Sinatra song. It’s like listening to raindrops hitting the wet land. It’s like listening to tiny shells rolling down the length of the bamboo. It’s like a resonating, reverberating, recurring voice that says, “you are doing something good, don’t stop”. It’s a vibrating moan. It’s like sailing in a fluffy sea. It’s like drumming a thousand little drums. It’s like swimming in a sea of cream and soft stuffs. It is of God’s.

I would like to stop there but the moment I list down the ingredients… I don’t know. You may shriek.

Here we go:

Two and half cups of Mayonnaise, not sour mayonnaise (I can see those eyebrows raising).

175ml of Condensed Milk (I heard you say that. And for those who are talking in their mind, I heard that too.).

for 500 grams Macaroni Pasta (yep, not even a kilo).

Now let’s lighten up the situation –

A can of Pineapple Pieces in syrup

A handful of Raisins

A tablespoon of Pickles

One whole Chicken Breast, poached in sugar, salt, white pepper and a whole onion, shredded afterwards

And let’s make you shriek again –

A cup of grated cheddar Cheese

Now here are some tips while cooking your pasta for your Chicken Macaroni Salad

1. When the water is boiling, add oil, any kind of oil except used oil. I use butter myself and generous amount of salt. Not only that it prevents your pasta from sticking, it will also give your pasta a little bit of flavor kick. This method is done for stringy pastas mainly but you do not want to see your macaroni pasta stick like letter M’s.

2. As long as you see the water turn a little whitish, then you’re pasta is nearly al dente. But you still have to check if they are. Whether this is your first time to cook macaroni or the nth time, get a piece of macaroni from the boiling pot and bite through it. If it’s still hard or has an uncooked part (usually in the middle), of course you know it’s not done. That’s what “al dente” literally means – to the tooth.

3. After your pasta is al dente and transfered into a clean strainer (clean that strainer you disgusting animal), let cold water run through them so it will prevent your pasta from sticking. Did I say cold water? And did I say it should be inside a strainer and not swimming in a bowl?

Let’s do the Chicken for your Chicken Macaroni Salad

1. Chicken in the pot with water just above it. Add 1 whole onion. Add generous amounts of sugar, salt and white pepper. You want your salad immaculately white so if you try adding black pepper, good luck. 101 Dalmatians Pasta recipe.

2. Place it in high heat until it boils then lower the heat down until the next 15 minutes. Strain it and set aside. (why do all recipes use the phrase “set it aside?”)

3. After it is not hot. Notice above I wrote set aside. Separate it into thin, long strands – with your fingers. Do not ever use a knife or somebody will stab you with it.

On Mixing your Chicken Macaroni Salad…

1. Do not put all the ingredients in yet. What you want to do is see the consistency of your pasta with your condensed milk and mayo first. What’s the ratio you ask? Look at the measurements in the ingredients up there. That’s around that mark. You may like it sweeter, you may like it mayo-er. As long as every single piece of macaroni get’s covered with your dressing you are good amigo. And be careful with opening that can of condensed milk. If this is your first time of opening that can of condensed milk, you will spill it. So let it stand on anything flat (get some models) and do not open it near your body parts unless you want to execute foreplay all by yourself.

Are you mixing it yet? If you are, read the first paragraph of this post again.

2. When adding the rest of ingredients, be careful with adding more pickles.

3. You can’t eat it yet. You need to chill it. Stick it in the fridge. You also do not want to starve your macaroni with a little mayo or condensed milk. The reason why we are putting a lot of it is because the pasta will absorb the dressing while chilling. You do not want to open your glass container and see that your mayo-condensed milk mix has somewhat escaped the salad. And yes, a glass or plastic container. Don’t you ever try putting it in a metal container. I don’t want you to ruin it. At least 2 hours of chilling yes?

For those who have their own Macaroni Dessert Salad recipe, I know you’ve been talking in your mind that you have a different one. I heard it. Let others know about it by posting it in the comments below.


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    […] Click here to read that Filipino Dessert Salad that i’m making a recipe of Share The author actually feels good that you have read this article. He wants the world to know about Filipino food better. So help him tell other people about Filipino food by sharing this post. Click the Share on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter button. If you want to flood your friends' walls, click on it like a thousand times or something. Also, the author is not allowed to eat unless you leave a comment. So please say something, anything, please. […]

  • Linda M said:

    Awesome. I was just trying to explain this to a friend who couldn’t stop shaking his head. I’ve got to just make some and have him try it!

  • Joy said:

    This looks wonderful. I haven’t had this forever.

  • lloyds said:

    my mother used to make this salad even on regular weekends. my siblings and I go crazy over it. now im hungry.

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    @Linda M Go for it! Spread the love!

    @Joy please do make some! Quick!

    @Lloyd I guess i’m lucky because it’s just me and my wife feasting on a huge container of this stuff whenever we feel like it. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe, I think. :D

  • lloyd said:

    chalap…hehe its good im home..”MOM!”….:)

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Lloyd, is it your Mom who’s a chef or your dad?

  • lloyd said:

    nong, its my mom. she does catering (with the school where she works). hihi

  • Cheska said:

    I tried the recipe except I realized I am out of pickles when I was preparing it so I substituted the pickles with Vlasic Sweet Relish. I served it to my Pinoy friends and it was a hit. Thanks!!!

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    @cheska Awesome! Love to read these kinds of comments. Feel free to try other recipes in this site. Like this one:


    If! you can catch them. :)

  • Ying said:

    I’ve been experimenting on macaroni salad in pursuit of making a good one since my husband loves macaroni per se (yep, weird). As of the recipe you described, can I use fruit cocktail instead of just pineapple? I don’t want to waste a good salad if in case it doesn’t work out. Thanks.

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hi ying, I haven’t tried and I suggest not because I don’t know if an army of fruits will work well with chicken. :)

  • gigi said:

    great sounding recipe, and i bet fab tasting too! have you tried it with some chopped celery sticks and carrots? gives it that extra crunch . thanks for this recipe.

  • Ying said:

    ok tnx

  • Blackwidow said:

    I use lots of pineapple tidbits and pimiento in my macaroni salad. And I cube my cheese into tidbits so it will not get lost in the mixture. No pickles. I use Japanese mayo which is not sour. I use more mayo in the mayo- condensed milk dressing.

    I use the straight macaroni, not the elbow macaroni. Nowadays, straight and long macaroni is no longer available. What is available is pre-cut macaroni, which serves the purpose as well.

    Just before serving, I smother mayo and condensed mixture on top, to “wet” the salad a bit.

  • Dan said:

    Hello! I’m reading your blog and having a wonderful time. With regards to Ying’s query, my Mom used to make this salad with fruit cocktail and I loved it. I guess it is a matter of taste but the sweetness of the fruits do work well with the salty flavor of the chicken.

    I was actually looking at recipes on other blogs just to confirm if the addition of fruit cocktail is really as weird as it sounds. I guess my family were the only few ones who used fruit cocktail in addition to canned pineapples. Most of the recipes posted online only mention canned pineapples on their ingredient list.

    I might have to give it a go and post a recipe using fruit cocktail on my blog just to offer another variation to this wonderful dish. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

  • May said:

    Can i skip the sweet pickle relish? I cant seem to find it in the groceries here in sg

  • Doreen said:

    Hi Ying, with regards of substituting chicken to fruit cocktail, yes u can. that’s what i usually made in every occassion we have. in a pack of macaroni elbow or twirl i put 2 cans of fruit cocktail, a box of cheddar (sliced into small cubes),mayo and a can of condensed milk.

    Try it and u will surely love it..

  • Candida said:

    Wooh!missing the filipino foods!I’m hoping there is a filipino market here in indiana. :-(

  • Xue Ling said:

    This is what I’m looking for! Thanks for sharing. I’m gonna prepare it soon! Very soon!! Yeppy….

  • lonelyin said:

    oh I love chicken macaroni tnx….:)

  • Ley Cab said:

    Can i put potatoes?

  • Lian said:

    thanks for this post..i’ve been looking for a good recipe for macaroni salad..i think i would really love this!!! this is gonna be my first time to do macaroni salad and i hope my family loves it! and i’m pretty sure they will..thanks again!=) hope to read more of your recipes..

  • xienna o. parone said:

    i love it so much my family loves it its delicus

  • xienna o. parone said:

    and thanks for shering recipe of the chiken macroni ………………………i love it so much,,,,,,,…….//////

  • Malen said:

    Great recipe! I’m trying it now! Thank you!

  • Litz Resurreccion Denoy said:

    thanks for the info.
    its help me a lot in preparing my macaroni salad. thank you so much.

  • pearl said:

    I love your recipe and how you cooked your chicken macaroni salad. Its very simple and all the ingredients are easy to find. Actually we have the same style and recipe but what I like most was the chicken part.. haha My mind says why white pepper instead of the black one because I already have it but then you explained it perfectly! Thanks for the tips!

  • Norma said:

    Love it , I will try this on NEW YEAR’S EVE … Thanks .More pOwer ot you .. muahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • yorlann said:

    thanks for this wonderful recipe. im gonna try it this new years eve.. it is my first time to do it so i hope it will turn out good. ^^

  • aries64 said:

    Yummy in my tummy. Filipino macaroni salad is the BEST…from all the rest…

  • Jhan said:

    Hey Basky!!! I didn’t realized that the recipe I was reading was yours. Good thing I remember your page on cooking. Sorry I jumped immediately on the recipe and the procedure then scrolled up to the header. hahaha.

    Question bro, in preparing/cooking the chicken, when you say generous amount of sugar, salt and pepper….what can be the ratio of these condiments?

    Hope to hear from you. I want to try this. :-)

    – Jhan

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    Hi Jhan! How are you? :)

    About 1 to 2 teaspoonful of salt, sugar and (white) pepper for a kilo of chicken :) you know us Filipinos we don’t reall measure to the exact. Hahaha!

    Hope that helps!

  • Jhan said:

    Hi Basky,

    Done! Taste great! :D
    Thanks for sharing.

    Regards to Lei and Lily.

  • xhyrine said:

    Hi! Im going to prepare it at my nephew’s 1st birthday party.
    An all purpose cream didn’t required for the recipe?

  • seigfredtristan (author) said:

    No cream on this one xhy, just mayo :)

  • pretty chaba said:

    i had fun reading it. The orgasmic description added pizzazz to a delightful recipe. Thanks for the tips and trivia, too. Very useful. I just added shredded carrots and bell pepper. Thank you for sharing.

  • Melanie said:

    great recipe! the whole family loved it.

  • Tess said:

    I had so much fun reading this! I have been searching a good chicken salad Filpino style for my sons birthday, and I come across this blog. I love the sense of humor. I am going to try this recipe. Thanks for being fun blogger.

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  • Kathy said:

    I tried this recipe and preparing chicken macaroni too for the very first time on my mom’s bday and i got a lot of compliments from our visitors. They liked it and praise my skills hehe.. Every time i make one, i always check this page to make sure i followed correctly all the instructions. So today on new year’s eve, im going to prepare chicken macaroni salad again. Thank you for sharing this! :)

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