Grilled Kesong Puti, Sun-dried Tomato and Tuyo Sandwich with Cassava Chips



Cheers to Chef Mike for riding along with our theme for this fortnight, History of Filipino Food, American Influence – Ziggy


I wanted to publish more easy-to-follow modern Filipino recipes to highlight new methods of preparing our favorite ingredients, I hope you like it

For the Sandwich



2  to 3 pcs. Bottled Tuyo

100 Grams Kesong Puti

2  to 3 pcs. Sun dried Tomato (Thinly Sliced)

Ciabatta/ Baguette  or any type of Wheat Bread


to make the sandwich, cut the ciabatta bread in the middle all the way through.

arrange the tuyo, sun-dried tomatoes and sliced kesong puti on the first half of the bread. Top it with the other half and place it in a sandwich or panini grill just until the kesong puti is melted.

serve it with a slice of lemon, cassava chips and rock salt. Serve hot

note: any type of sandwich grill can be used for this recipe such as “flying saucer maker” or sandwich press. you can also place the assembled sandwich on a non-stick pan over low heat turning it over about a minute per side if sandwich grill is not available.

for the Cassava Chips


100 grams Cassava ( Kamoteng Kahoy)

Salt and Black Pepper to Taste


peel and slice the cassava thinly and place it on iced water for about 5 minutes. Drain the water and pat dry the sliced cassava.

Deep fry the sliced cassava on vegetable or peanut oil until golden brown in color. Drain the excess oil with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper and serve hot.

note: cassava may be substituted with camote or regular potatoes.



Author: ChefMike

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  1. This is so surreal. I’ll get myself some of that tuyo in a bottle. And make myself those cassava chips.

    I have question chef.

    Can Kesong Puti beat the heck out of commercially made white cheese?

  2. This seems yummy. I am going to attempt this for my husband’s lunch box. Yes, that’s you, seigfredtristan, after you find that tuyo in a bottle.

    Chef mike, what can I use as a kesong Puti substitute? I’m afraid we couldn’t get that here in our little corner of the world. Will feta do?

  3. Well done Chef Mike, I’ve done similar but in a bruschetta way type thing and it was superb. i even tried sauteed tinapa flakes! yumm-o.

    @seig, is tuyo in a bottle available in your postcode? i’m happy to send you some as a gift if you want. a friend owns a pinoy grocery and i buy it there. let me know 😉

  4. @jhus: we haven’t seen any of that tuyo in a bottle, although there are a number of pinoy groceries here. hmm.. we should meet up soon. :)

  5. I want the cassava chips.

  6. Is the tuyo in the bottle wet or dry?

  7. @GU: if it’s wet, it’s called ‘babad’. :)

  8. LOL, yeah it’s wet in olive oil?

  9. Heeheehee. “Wet tuyo” reminds of a cartoon gag featuring “dehydrated water”.

  10. @ziggy- hi with kesong puti beating commercial white cheese… I think kesong puti is quite an acquired taste there’s a certain earthy and fermented taste to it that we all love so much especially with pan de sal as white cheese on the other hand has that ‘buttery’ taste perfect for making spreads. I believe both have different use and flavours but personally, I’d go for kesong puti anytime!

    @ Lei- kesong puti is quite tart and soft as compared to feta which is crumbly and salty, if you don’t have kesong puti within your reach, you can use ricotta cheese with a little lemon juice not exactly the same but also perfect for salads and sandwiches

  11. @Justin N- sounds delicious! Let me try that sometime. :)


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