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My New Year’s Realization

Yup. It’s not a resolution. It’s a realization.
Last year when I was in a writing hiatus (I still am by the way) I acquired a very kingly gift – Gout. Now for those of you who don’t know what gout is, click this underlined part of the sentence and once you are there it will tell you that it is very much complimentary to what I do (or did, and am going to considering I was absent for the last 2 years) as a food blogger. But if you click …

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2011, A year that was for Filipino Food or wasn’t Part 2

So what else did I do before myfilipinokitchen jumped to its premature death around the middle of 2011?
I talked about sex.

Press play father.
It all started with the question, “Do Aphrodisiacs in the Philippines really work?” And then thoughts about procreation erected from there. Apart from everyone’s knowing, I even wrote to Doctor Holmes (A Filipino sexpert) to answer this for us but to no avail she’s busy helping couples who have problems while on a washing machine.
After that, it built up the discussion to Filipino Street Foods (as many consider innards …

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2011,  a review of the year that was of Filipino Food part 1

Or a year that wasn’t. As far as I can remember this website died around June last year.
I would like to blame the Lumpia series that started the whole mess leaving me in a comatose state but I am the one who plunged a blunt butcher’s knife into my own skull. I still blame the Lumpia series though. And by the way, thank you to those who came looking for me and asking me why myfilipinokitchen.com has not been updated especially that person who sent an email with a question mark as …

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Easing Myself Back in the Plate.

What have I learned while I was away?
I learned how to make fresh Lumpia wrappers.
I learned that wrapping a fried Lumpia thinly will make it explode when you fry it.
I learned how to cook 2 dishes out of making chicken broth.
I learned that the South Eeast Asian version of fried chicken doesn’t involve any crumbing. Case in point, Max’s Fried Chicken.
I learned that using real saffron in Arroz con Caldo boosts the flavor exponentially.
I learned how authentic it is to eat green mangoes unpeeled.
I learned how to liquify bagoong. And to …

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What did we have on my birthday?

Instead of answering all the questions individually about what I cooked during my birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to put it all in this page and just send them a link.
I love cooking during my birthday. It’s the way I celebrate and thank God for the life he gave me. By simmering in the kitchen all day and after that see most of  the people that are close to me (unfortunately, I can’t invite them all), celebrate and thank God of all the blessings through preparing and …

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A list of Filipino street foods or Filipino barbecues so far…

Isaw. That’s what we call them. I-saw. The first syllable is pronounced as E and the second one is pronounced as if you are saying Tao -more like saying E-sao. But that’s when you are in the northern parts of the Philippines. Both in the central and south, they are called either inihaw or inasal.

Before I go on with trivial things (Which is for you my dear regular readers who do not usually comment! I know you’re existing, you just have muted hands.) let’s accomodate our new readers by getting …